Some club memberships support auto-renewal. If you have opted in to this, your membership will automatically be renewed when it expires and the renewal will be charged to the card you used when you registered. Please follow the instructions below if you'd like to check if you opted for auto-renewal, or if you'd like to opt in or out of auto-renewal for your current membership.

  • Visit the main registration page for the organization you registered with
  • Click "Manage an Existing Registration" in the top-right
  • Enter the email address you used when registering for the membership and click continue
  • You'll receive an email, click the link in that email to login to your self-serve dashboard
  • Under the "Registrations" heading, locate the relevant membership registration(s) there will be one line item per person, pay attention to the year on each line item to ensure you are selecting the relevant registrations.
  • For each relevant registration click the "View/Manage" button next to it
  • If that registration type supports auto-renewal, you will see a checkbox labelled "Autorenew this registration when it expires". Ensure that checkbox is selected if you would like the registration to automatically renew. Click "Update" to save your changes. PLEASE NOTE, this option is set per-person, for family registrations you will need to set this per family-member.

Below are some pictures of the steps you will go through...

Sign in at your organizations self-serve sign in page:

Find the relevant registration(s) in the list:

Select or deselect the auto-renew option, then click update: